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  1. Thank you for posting this list. It is very eye opening. Sounds good for you when a product is labeled “organic”, but can be very misleading if it is a GMO. Still can’t believe Prop 37 didn’t pass in CA. The other side must have some deep pockets!

  2. I was under the impression that organic food does not contain GMOs by definition… Nevertheless, shame on them for helping legally hide what’s in our food.

    • Hi, Elya,

      USDA certified organic products cannot legally contain GMOs. What’s at issue here is that the largest food manufacturers (think Kraft, Nestle, Kellog, General Mills, etc.) have bought out many of the smaller organic manufacturers (such as Muir Glen and Arrowhead Mills) and have since gone on to help defeat labeling laws in order to protect their much larger interests in the GMO-laden “natural” food category.

      Here’s a chart showing who really owns many of the most familiar organic brands http://www.cornucopia.org/who-owns-organic/

      A great way to help bring about change would be to support Washington state’s effort to require labels on food containing GMOs http://www.labelitwa.org/



      • Ren, thank you! I was responding to Steph’s comment about GMO’s hiding under organic label. Adjusting my grocery list. I am going to miss Muir Glen the fire roasted crushed tomatoes.

        • Its getting harder & harder to stay on top of which products are safe, wholesome and (especially) ethical. While Muir Glen may be organic, their tomato products are sold in BPA-lined cans. Meanwhile, the parent company (General Mills) joins with Monsanto to dump millions of dollars into defeating citizen-lead GMO labeling efforts.

          I recommend heading over to Boggy Creek Farm and getting some of Larry’s Smoke-dried Tomatoes. You won’t miss Muir Glen any more 🙂

          • Larry’s smoke-dried tomatoes are to die for. One or two tomatoes and they infuse the whole dish. I need to go get me some soon, thank you for reminding me! I also love their honey.

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