Katie Couric Hosts “Fed Up” in Charlottesville Tomorrow

It’s predicted that if nothing is done about this continuous cascade of sugar into the American diet, in two decades 95 percent of Americans will be obese or overweight. Couric says that if this unprecedented consumption of sugar is not curtailed, by 2050 one out of three Americans will have diabetes.

This clarion call for the use of common sense when it comes to sugar shouldn’t be dismissed as just the latest scare tactics from no-fun leaf-and-twig eaters. Studies show that because of rampant obesity among children today, youngsters are on track to be the first generation in memory to have a life expectancy shorter than that of their parents.

“The average American eats almost one pound of sugar and flour a day altogether,” Hyman said. “That amount creates a vicious cycle of addiction, where you crave more and eat more sugar.

“Studies that show sugar can be eight times more addictive than cocaine. Sugar, not fat, creates a triple whammy for weight — an increase in hunger and sugar cravings, an increase in fat storage and a decrease in metabolic rate.

“It is also the major driver of heart attacks, stroke, dementia, many cancers and, of course, type 2 diabetes.

Artificial sweeteners can actually be more addictive than regular sugar. Artificial sweeteners jack up your cravings, driving you to eat more food over the course of the day. Just say no to sugar and artificial sweeteners.”

“Fed Up” will be presented at 2 p.m. Saturday at UVa’s Culbreth Theatre. A discussion with Katie Couric, Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Christine M. Burt Solorzano will follow the screening. For tickets and a full schedule of films and events for the 27th annual Virginia Film Festival, go to http://www.virginiafilmfestival.org.

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The 2nd annual Brooklyn Brewery Mash tour hits Austin November 15 – 22


Slow Food USA



Award-winning craft brewery visits Austin to celebrate neighborhood culture, emerging artists and local food scene in week-long series of food, beer and community events

What: The second annual Brooklyn Brewery Mash tour hits Austin, November 15 – 22, 2014 to celebrate what’s next in food, film, comedy, music, books and beer. The Mash tour is the largest traveling food, beer and arts festival, stopping in ten US cities as well as London and Stockholm in 2014. Brooklyn Brewery has collaborated with Austin chefs, artists and craft brewers to create one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences for the whole community to enjoy.   In partnership with Slow Food USA as well as select event partners and performers from both Brooklyn and Austin, the week-long series features exclusive dinners, concerts and lots of craft beers. Austin Mash partners include: Central Market Westgate, Easy Tiger, Simmons Family Farm, School House Pub, The Grackle, Alamo Drafthouse Ritz and Red 7.  

Who:   Various spokespeople and Mash tour partners, including:

  • Steve Hindy, President and Co-Founder of Brooklyn Brewery, who will discuss his new book, The Craft Beer Revolution offering insight and perspective as a pioneer of America’s craft beer movement.
  • Brooklyn Brewery Chef Andrew Gerson has joined forces with Austin’s chefs to offer unique community dining experiences that celebrate local flavors and explore alternative eating spaces in Austin.

 Where/When:  Check out the list of events for #AustinMash November 15 – 22 below.

 Watch:  Check out the Mash video trailer, link here.

 Mash tickets are available at BrooklynBreweryMash.com

 For information, press passes or interviews with Brooklyn Brewery or any of the Mash partners, please contact Jennifer Robenalt in Austin at (512) 653-9656 or Kate Johnston at (212) 601-8249 or Kate.Johnston@PorterNovelli.com

 Austin Mash Tour Schedule

 Saturday, November 15, 2014: 

Eat, Drink & Learn with Chef Andrew Gerson   

What and Who:  Chef Andrew Gerson returns to his roots to bring his beer and food knowledge to the good people of Austin. Armed with some of his favorite pairings from his journeys on the Mash tour, Andrew will speak on the delicate balance of malt and hops and how they interplay with a wide variety of edibles.

  • Where:  Central Market Westgate, 4477 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX
  • When:  Starts at 2:00 PM (Tickets: Free)

Sunday, November 16, 2014: 

Brooklyn Easy Sunday

  • What and Who:  Austin Mash is staying easy like Sunday morning – or, in this case, like Sunday afternoon. The folks at Easy Tiger will have $1 Brooklyn Lager & East IPA cans, plus Brooklyn beers on tap.
  • Where: Easy Tiger, 709 Easy 6th Street., Austin, TX
  • When:  Starts at 2:00 PM

 Dinner on the Farm with Odd Duck & Brooklyn Brewery Chef Andrew Gerson

  • What and Who:  Our week of cultural happenings gets off and running with this agrarian dining experience. Through roaming culinary events, Dinner on the Farm works to connect people back to the land and to the farmers and artisans who are making our communities a better place to live. There will be a tour of Simmons Family Farm, a feast prepared in collaboration with the Odd Duck chefs and Chef Andrew Gerson (Brooklyn Brewery) and enough beer for all.
  • Where:  Simmons Family Farm, 2483 Holz Rd., Lockhart, TX
  • When:  Starts at 3:00 PM (Tickets: $55)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014:                                                                     

Craft Beer Revolution with Brooklyn Brewery

  • What and Who:  Brooklyn Brewery co-founder Steve Hindy looks back with his fellow craft beer comrades to discuss the circumstances and ambitions that allowed a handful of individuals across the country to challenge one of the largest corporate dynasties in American history. Then they’ll look ahead to the future of good beer and talk about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for American craft beer.
  • Where: TBA
  • When: Starts at 7:00 PM (Tickets: $6)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014:

MASH EDU: Beer & Spice, Making Nice

  • What and Who:  Perhaps you’ve just been turned on to the art of pairing beer and food. Perhaps you’re an old hand at joining together the world’s most versatile beverage and your favorite dish. Either way, Brooklyn Brewery Chef Andrew Gerson will impart some of the knowledge he’s picked up while touring and collaborating with some of the most exciting chefs in the U.S.
  • Where: School House Pub, 2207 Manor Rd., Austin, TX
  • When: Starts at 6:30 PM (Tickets: $6)

 Brooklyn Ha Ha: NYC Stand-Up with Josh Gondelman & Jesse Popp    

  • What and Who:  In true Brooklyn style, Brooklyn Ha Ha introduces some of the NYC standup scene’s best under-the-radar talent and brings their act to the looser, more freewheeling environment of The Grackle. Co-headlining will be Josh Gondelman and Jesse Popp.
  • Where: The Grackle, 1700 E 6th St., Austin, TX
  • When: Starts at 8:00 PM (Tickets: $6)

Thursday, November 20, 2014:

Found Footage Festival  

  • What and Who:  The Found Footage Festival celebrates its tenth anniversary with a brand-new show and DVD (Volume 7). Hosts Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett, whose credits include The Onion and the Late Show with David Letterman, are excited to show off their new lineup of found video clips and live comedy. They love Austin so much that they’ve decided to host two shows: 7:30pm and 9:30pm.
  • Where: Alamo Drafthouse Ritz, 320 E 6th St., Austin, TX
  • When: Starts at 7:30 PM & 9:30 PM (Tickets: $12)

Friday, November 21, 2014:

Slow Supper with Dinner Lab

  • What and Who: This pop-up dinner party, hosted in a unique, non-traditional location, embodies The Mash. The curated evening brings people together around a common table to share cuisine crafted by Brooklyn Brewery Chef Andrew Gerson in collaboration with Dinner Lab’s Chris Bailey to bring you playful, seasonal fare paired Brooklyn beer styles both familiar and rare.
  • Where:  Surprise location, announced day-of
  • When:  Starts at 7:00 PM (Tickets: TBA)

 Saturday, November 22, 2014:

Mash EDU: Homebrewer Edition

  • What and Who: Homebrewing: the art of conjuring magic in liquid form. Whether you are a learned veteran with more brewing equipment than living space a brewing novice, this is the event for you. The pros in Austin will guide you through the process of making beer from the comfort of your own home, and clone a Brooklyn Brewery beer.
  • Where: TBA
  • When: Starts at 2:00 PM (Tickets: TBA)

Mash Bash with Marnie Stern, Feral Further & Ghetto Ghouls

  • What and Who: At the end of the day, The Mash is a festival. And what festival is complete without a soundtrack? Certainly not this one. That’s why after a full week of feasting on good food, expanding our minds at panels and classes, and filling our bellies with delicious brews, we celebrate our last evening in town with a Bash; a Mash Bash. We’re bringing the noise with Marnie Stern, Feral Future and Ghetto Ghouls.
  • Where: Red 7, 611 E 7th St., Austin, TX
  • When: Starts at 8:00 PM (Tickets: Free)




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Illegal drugs in the country’s milk supply?

According to CSPI, FDA can stop dairy farms with drug residue violations from selling cattle for meat but the agency usually doesn’t stop the farm from selling its milk.

“Consumers have a right to know what’s in their milk, and if there are dangerous drugs in it, they need to know what FDA is doing about that,” said CSPI senior food safety attorney David Plunkett.

Food Chains


FC-Poster-Small[1]Food Chains exposes the abuse of farmworkers within the United States and the complicity of the multibillion dollar supermarket and fast food industries.

There is more interest in food these days than ever, yet there is very little interest in the hands that pick it. Farmworkers, the foundation of our fresh food industry, are routinely abused and robbed of wages. In extreme cases they can be beaten, sexually harassed or even enslaved – all within the borders of the United States.

Food Chains reveals the human cost in our food supply and the complicity of large buyers of produce like fast food and supermarkets. Fast food is big, but supermarkets are bigger – earning $4 trillion globally. They have tremendous power over the agricultural system. Over the past 3 decades they have drained revenue from their supply chain leaving farmworkers in poverty and forced to work under subhuman conditions. Yet many take no responsibility for this.

Their story is one of hope and promise for the triumph of morality over corporate greed – to ensure a dignified life for farm workers and a more humane, transparent food chain.

The narrative of the film focuses on an intrepid and highly lauded group of tomato pickers from Southern Florida – the Coalition of Immokalee Workers or CIW – who are revolutionizing farm labor. Their story is one of hope and promise for the triumph of morality over corporate greed – to ensure a dignified life for farm workers and a more humane, transparent food chain.

Food Chains premiered at the 2014 Berlin Film Festival and screened subsequently at the Tribeca Film Festival and Guadalajara Film Festival. Food Chains will be released nationwide November 21st. The film’s Executive Producers include Eva Longoria and Eric Schlosser.

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Jenny’s Food and Ag Update for October 28, 2014

Jenny's Food and Ag Update

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