Poached Duck Eggs

Poached pastured duck eggs with fried polenta, heirloom spinach, tomatoes, garlic and herbs..


Duck eggs are a little larger than chicken eggs, and tend to have a larger yolk:albumen ratio.  The duck eggs are also higher in vitamins (especially A, B6 and B12), and I find them to be a bit richer in flavor.

Bring a pan of water with a tablespoon of plain white vinegar up to about 170°F.  We’re poaching, not boiling.

Crack each egg into a small dish or cup and gently slide the egg into the water.  Contain the albumen with a slotted spoon if necessary to keep it from spreading out.

Meanwhile, fry thick slices of polenta in butter until golden brown on both sides.  Season with parsley and S&P and keep warm.

Sauté rinsed and squeezed spinach, garlic, spring onions and tomatoes.  Add fresh oregano and basil and season liberally with S&P.

Nestle fried polenta on the vegetables and top with poached eggs.  Add sharp cheese such as asiago, and dress with a dab of concentrated hot pepper paste.

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