Tuesday Twister

Each week, fellow real food-blogger Wardeh @ GNOWFGLINS encourages us to take look back and share a little about what’s been twisting in our kitchens over the last week.  Here’s what it looked like around here..

1) Roast Squash Coloradito Roasted sweet dumpling squash stuffed with poblano peppers, Spanish onions, smoked bacon and toasted corn, served over a spicy mole Coloradito.  Seasonal, organic, local and darn tasty.

2) Lamb Keftedes A delicious traditional Greek offering of local, pastured lamb, toasted spices and fresh herbs, garlic, lemon and extra-virgin olive oil.  Frugal and dead simple to make.

3) Penang Goat Curry Pastured goat seared, then slowly simmered in coconut red curry with fried tomatoes, onions and Thai dragon peppers, with fresh ginger, garlic and Kaffir lime leaves. Easy to see why 70% of the world’s population eats goat meat!

4) Duck Fat-Fried Sweet Potato Chips Mandoline-cut sweet potatoes fried in rendered duck fat then sprinkled with coarse salt and freshly-ground pepper.  A weekend indulgence.

5) Thai Red Pumpkin and Carrot Curry A vegetarian dish of roasted pumpkin, carrots, onions, red bell pepper, chiles, ginger, garlic, coconut milk and basil.  Mm, mm mm.


Frying peppers, onions, bacon and corn for stuffed squash Coloradito

This post is a grateful part of the Tuesday Twister blog carnival at gnowfglins.com!

16 thoughts on “Tuesday Twister

  1. It all looks so beautiful pictured next to each other. I’m having a hard time picking a favorite this week. Maybe the goat curry. No, maybe the veggie curry. No, the meatballs with the chips. I can’t decide.

  2. Ren – Your food always looks great. What sources to you have to buy your meat? I purchased a large amount of grassfed beef, but I am curious where you get your chicken, lamb, and pork.

    • Thanks, Heather!

      Chicken from Dewberry Hills, Lexington, TX Lamb from Loncito’s, Dinero, TX or Premium Lamb, Burnet County, TX Pork from Richardson’s, Milam County, TX or Full Quiver Farm, Kemp, TX

  3. Ren- I have a question that’s not related, but thought I would try asking it here because of a post I read of yours earlier regarding BPA.

    I’ve always cooked my Thanksgiving turkey in an oven bag, but this year, I was wondering if there are issues with the plastic possible being unsafe, especially since it’s heated to such a high temperature. I thought you or one of your other readers might have some information on it. Thanks!

    I just found your blog a few weeks ago, but I love it. Everything sounds and looks so good. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Brenda?

      I’d be vary wary of an oven bag containing plastic; unfortunately, BPA is only one of hundreds of potentially dangerous chemicals. I think the nylon bags are safe, but I don’t know that for sure. Anyone?

        • I brine it overnight, then saddle it (a knife technique that separates the bird into 2 pieces, one all white and one all dark meat) for even roasting. Fresh herbs, s&p, celery, onions & carrots in the pan with a little water and lots of butter for basting. Pan gravy.

  4. Ok, i just have to comment here. I am new to your blog and I must say that you are making my efforts to move to raw foods very difficult. These dishes are beautiful. I had convinced myself that raw foods is the way to go (having health problems), but I am now seriously confused. Wanting health- willing to do what it takes—– and yet—-I want that lamb dish! Is it possible to have great health and eat this way?

    • Hi, Sonja,

      Although I haven’t featured them much here, I try to incorporate raw foods into my diet every day. I can’t give medical advice, but I can tell you that a varied diet including chemical-free raw and minimally cooked foods, pickled/fermented foods, grass-fed meats, wild-caught seafood and pastured dairy is absolutely healthy and wholesome, just as it has been throughout thousands of years of human history.

      Think of the Mediterranean diet as an example, though the principle holds true wherever you are 🙂

      • Thanks, Ren. I guess this comes down to having balance. Even though I have been using raw milk, kefir, grass fed beef for a few years, I think I’ve been a little heavy (30 pounds too heavy) on this side of the food choices (Atkin’s influence). I am noticing that your dishes have quite a lot of veggies in them. Could you sometime show us what raw foods you eat? Keep up the inspiration!!!! You are awesome.

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