A Nice Piece of Fish

Wild Alaskan salmon is lightly seasoned with fine sea salt and freshly-ground black pepper, then quickly seared in butter and olive oil.  Minced shallots are added to the pan along with fresh dill, white wine and a teaspoon of the liquor from a jar of preserved lemons.  A knob of cold butter is whisked in at the end, then the sauce is poured back over the salmon.  Served with a small salad of winter cress, dandelion greens, slivered radishes, preserved lemon peel, champagne vinegar and raw olive oil.  The flavors are clean, fresh and distinct..

Pan-roasted Salmon

17 thoughts on “A Nice Piece of Fish

  1. I don’t think I’ve posted before but I wanted to say I love your blog! I love how you keep it plain and simple in an appealing, inspiring way. Thanks for sharing what you’re cooking!

  2. Oh man, I need a bucket under my watering mouth right now. I love salmon and this looks so, so good. I can’t wait until I’ve preserved my own lemons to try this, gotta go find a jar…good thing I have the car today…

          • Oh. My. Goodness. Ren, this was spectacular. Every bite brought a different ZING to my mouth. It was even better than I imagined. I have a horrid time finding cress, but used locally grown (wink, wink) dandelion leaves. I’m sure it would have been amazing with champagne vinegar, but that’s not something I have access to, either. My coconut vinegar was a good stand-in. Even with my lame substitutions though, it was amazing.

  3. Ren,

    We eat lots of salmon in Seattle as you can imagine. I love the idea of using the liquor from the preserved lemon jar for the sauce and can’t wait to try this one. My dill are just little shoots but by the time the salmon are running in June they’ll be ready. I love your new blog template! Did you change the whole thing? It looks so nice and clean and minimalistic. So not fussy, just like you. 🙂

    • Thank you, Annette! The template is the same, I just re-sized some of the sidebar graphics and removed a bit of the clutter.

      Austin’s a really great food town, but I’ve seriously considered moving to the Pacific Northwest for the salmon, mussels and mushrooms 🙂

  4. My mom gets me 3-lb. bags of wild salmon at Costco so we can eat it every week. The other night, I patted a topping made of almond meal, salt and pepper, and melted butter on top of the salmon before baking it and then finished it with a dijon sauce made with butter, mustard, and chicken stock. So yummy.

    I just discovered dandelion greens. Is it weird that I now want to grow dandelions in my garden? And nettles. Weeds should be easier to grow, right?

    • That sounds really good, Jenn!

      Dandelion and nettles are very easy to grow, but they are invasive. Nettles grow both by root and by seed, so you might want to grow them in containers or keep them well apart of other plants. Good luck!

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