Tuna Tartare with a Texas Twist

Fresh jalapeños, scallions, sea salt and a touch of sesame oil is sandwiched between layers of pole-caught ahi tuna (1/4-inch dice) combined with  olive oil, fresh grapefruit juice, sea salt, black pepper and freshly-ground coriander.

The dish is plated with fresh Texas grapefruit pieces tossed with raw coconut aminos (think soy-free soy sauce), mirin and cilantro.  Toasted hemp seeds top the raw tuna..

Tuna Tartare with a Texas Twist

When eating raw tuna, take care to ensure that it is exceedingly fresh and that you keep it well chilled at all times.  I cut the tuna into steaks and place them in the freezer just until they begin to firm up, then dice, season and serve as quickly as possible.

Please don’t use any threatened species of tuna or those caught in an environmentally destructive manner!

6 thoughts on “Tuna Tartare with a Texas Twist

  1. Excellent recipe! A very interesting twist for tartare. Drop me a line if you would ever be interested in reviewing or cooking with some great coffee…

  2. that looks amazing! what are your recommendations on getting exquisitely fresh fish like that? when I try to talk to the fish guys at a whole foods or a central market about getting super fresh fish for raw eating they clam up and don’t want to give me any guidance about what they have for sale. they won’t tell me that none of it is suitable but they won’t tell me what is either.

    1. Thanks a lot!

      Its getting tougher all the time to source clean seafood..

      Generally speaking, most of the tuna you’ll find in the store was previously frozen. Ask them when it comes in, arrange to buy some that has never been thawed; that’s often only 2 days from the sea.

      Restaurants are sometimes willing to help, either by selling directly to you or pointing you to someone who can.

      Mail order. May be affordable if you can split an order with friends.

      Good luck!

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