Take Back Our Food; The Scourge of Industrial Farming

“Cutting the Curd” gets political with Heather Squire, the coordinator for Occupy Wall Street‘s (#OWS ) food preparation and delivery.  From washing dishes to feeding over 3,000 people in a single weekend, Heather explains how she and the food team in Zucotti Park have devised a large-scale food distribution system: The Peoples Kitchen.

Delving into another facet of the food justice movement in tandem with Occupy Wall Street is dairy farmer and activist Lorraine Lewandrowsky and fromager Tia Keenan.  The group discusses cheese economics and the plight for more transparency (sic) which comes from more small dairies and less industrial farming and processing.  Learn how you can help this movement, from volunteering to sending food supplies or attending the Occupy Big Food movement.

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Arroz con Camerones

Fresh jumbo gulf shrimp are briefly boiled in a stock containing sea salt, cracked cumin and coriander and fresh lime juice, then plunged into ice water to stop the cooking process.  Half of the shrimp are coarsely chopped and set aside along with the remaining whole pieces.  Next, a sofrito of garlic, onions and tomatoes is sauteed in a mixture of bacon fat and butter along with a couple of sliced Anaheim peppers.  Bomba rice is added and stirred to coat each grain in the flavored fat, then the cooking stock is added along with a spoonful of achiote paste.  Stirred continuously until most of the stock has been absorbed, the chopped shrimp is added along with a little more stock and heated through.  Seasoned to taste with freshly-ground black pepper and a handful of chopped fresh cilantro, then turned out into pre-warmed dishes and topped with the reserved whole shrimp and a little more hot stock..

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The Silk Road – Asian Food and Wine Pairing Event

Journey down the Silk Road from China to the Middle East, and experience exquisite Asian cuisine paired with unique wines and spirits.

This unique culinary experience includes seven food and wine pairings from local Asian restaurants including Koriente, Swad and Kala’s Kuisine (and many more), a Japanese tea bar sponsored by Zhi Teas, and a silent auction.  Sommeliers Rachel Wilson and Claudia Alarcón will be your guide to this fun evening covering each food region and wine pairing.

Vegetarian options are available.  Must be 21 or over to participate.

All proceeds benefit SAHELI for Asian Families, which provides critical services to domestic violence, sexual assault and trafficking survivors.


An Asian Epicurean Journey

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Mexican American Cultural Center

600 River St, Austin TX 78701

SAHELI specifically addresses the cultural and language needs of Asian and other immigrant families affected by domestic violence.  Our values and mission are reflected in our programs, which integrate culture and language specific direct services, educational programs, and community-based initiatives and advocacy.

SAHELI represents six words that define our services:

Support, Advocate, Heal, Empower, Listen, and Inform.

SAHELI for Asian Families
Phone: 512.358.6318 x 200
Fax:  512.777.4539
Hotline: 1-877-281-8371

Rally For Real Food

The much-anticipated Rally For Real Food was held on the steps of the Capitol in Austin, Texas earlier today.  The energetic crowd cheered a raft of passionate speakers including Ronda Rutledge (Executive Director, Sustainable Food Center), Eric Herm (Farmer, author of Son of a Farmer, Child of the Earth), Neil Carman, PH.D. (Sierra Club, Lone Star Chapter), Judith McGeary (Executive Director, Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance) and Mike “The Health Ranger” Adams (Editor, Natural News) about the right to know what’s in our food.

Many thanks to Mike LaRocca of Beanitos for organizing this important event!  Thanks also to the sponsors, vendors, volunteers and attendees who helped make today’s rally a success.

Rally For Real Food

Rally For Real Food

(Click to see the photostream from today’s event. You are welcome to reuse these pictures, but please credit ediblearia.com for the original)