Four Questions Voters Should Ask About Prop 37

We have a fundamental right to know what’s in the food we eat and feed our families. Tomorrow’s the day to vote it into law!

Clear facts about proposition 37

No Cost to Consumers

Companies change their labeling all the time, and independent research shows Prop 37 will not affect food prices. Read more »

Nurses Support Prop 37

Genetically Modified Organisms are linked to allergies, organ toxicity, and other health problems. The Food and Drug Administration has said “providing more information to consumers about bioengineered foods would be useful.” Read more »

No New Bureaucracy

Prop 37 is self-enforced and requires no new bureaucracy. The state official analyst has said any costs for enforcement would range from 1 to 3 cents per year for each Californian. Read more »

No Loopholes

Prop 37 requires labeling for genetically engineered foods for the groceries you buy. The initiative contains exemptions from labeling requirements for practical purposes, such as food served in restaurants. Read more »

Backed by Consumers

Prop 37 is supported by consumers, farmers, nurses and many more. It is opposed by Monsanto, Dow, and foreign chemical companies spending millions to confuse us. Read more »

The Problem with Genetically-Modified Seeds

Bill Moyers recently spoke with my personal hero Dr. Vandana Shiva on the latest battleground in the war on Planet Earth. I encourage you to pull up a chair and really listen to what is said here..

Visit the Just Label It! website to find out more about the current FDA policy, 8 things that you can do to get involved and how to spread the word.

If you live in California, Prop 37, a proposal to label foods with genetically engineered ingredients will appear on the state ballot on Nov. 6. Learn more about the campaign at the CA Right to Know website.

Read more about Senator Bernie Sanders’s (I-VT) proposed amendment to the 2012 Farm Bill that would have explicitly allowed individual states to require the labeling of foods containing GM ingredients. It got voted down last week in Congress.