Caribbean Goat Curry

A riff on the familiar Jamaican dish, this version adds sweet potatoes and fresh scallions to the long-simmered goat, fresh ginger, garlic and tomatoes.   Scotch bonnet peppers and  Caribbean curry powder add a quickly-building, lingering heat..

Caribbean Goat Curry

Sear a pound of cubed local, pastured goat in a very hot, greased Dutch oven until nicely browned on all sides. Add a chopped yellow onion and cook, stirring infrequently until the onions are browned, about 5 minutes.  Add a chopped Scotch bonnet pepper (2 if you’re brave), a clove or two of minced garlic, a teaspoon or so of freshly-minced ginger and stir to combine.

Add a tablespoon of good Caribbean curry powder (turmeric, cumin, coriander, fenugreek, star anise, black pepper and the all-important allspice) and fry until fragrant.

Reduce heat to medium and add 2 cups of chopped tomatoes, half a tablespoon of vinegar, a few sprigs of fresh thyme and enough stock (preferred) or water to just barely cover the meat.

Bring the pot to a boil, then lower heat, partially cover and simmer until the meat is tender and the liquid has reduced in volume by about 1/3, about 4-5 hours, adding diced sweet potatoes during the last hour.   Remember to give the pot a stir once an hour and add a little liquid if needed to keep it from drying out.

Adjust flavor with sea salt and black pepper if you think it necessary, then ladle into bowls, top with slivered scallions and a sprig of thyme and serve immediately.

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0 thoughts on “Caribbean Goat Curry

  1. Hi Ren, that Caribbean curry mix sounds interesting. I think I will try to mix my own.

    Could you suggest a basic set of proportions for the 7 ingredients you listed
    (turmeric, cumin, coriander, fenugreek, star anise, black pepper,allspice), to create the right overall flavoring?

    • Hi, Mike,

      Here are the approximate proportions that I used. All subject to taste, of course..

      1t turmeric
      1t cumin
      1T coriander
      1t fenugreek
      1t star anise
      1T black pepper
      1t allspice

  2. seriously thats a good attempt but not quite it doesn’t even have the look of curry goat. it should be seasoned with all the seasons and left to marinate for an hour or more and should not be seared. ask a jamaican next time if you want to get it right. do not feel offended its just the truth.

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