By the way,

There are lots of bloggers (including many friends) for whom compensated reviews are a modest source of household income.  The majority of these folks conduct themselves completely openly and honestly (indeed, informatively); these real-food bloggers deserve our thanks and our support for diligently vetting each and every product on our behalf before deciding whether or not to offer a personal recommendation.

As regards the solicitations sent to my attention, please understand that I choose neither to accept payment or gifts for the articles which appear on my blog, nor do I participate in services providing advertising revenue for those things that I do write about.  That having been said, I continue to look forward to hearing about the many amazing, healthy and sustainable goods and services that are available.  Cool?  Cool.

With a tip of the toque to Local Nourishment and an awesome toes-to-the-fire set of ground rules from Sustainable Eats then, here is the pledge that I’ve signed..


By displaying the Blog with Integrity badge or signing the pledge, I assert that the trust of my readers and the blogging community is important to me.

I treat others respectfully, attacking ideas and not people. I also welcome respectful disagreement with my own ideas.

I believe in intellectual property rights, providing links, citing sources, and crediting inspiration where appropriate.

I disclose my material relationships, policies and business practices. My readers will know the difference between editorial, advertorial, and advertising, should I choose to have it. If I do sponsored or paid posts, they are clearly marked.

When collaborating with marketers and PR professionals, I handle myself professionally and abide by basic journalistic standards.

I always present my honest opinions to the best of my ability.

I own my words. Even if I occasionally have to eat them..

Blog with Integrity