URGENT! Need for CLEAN Water for the Homeless in Austin, Texas

From Mobile Loaves & Fishes, Inc.

July 06, 2009

30 People Delivering Water to #Homeless In ATX From Their Cars. Can You Help?

We have a small army of folks delivering water from their own vehicles to the people who find themselves living on the streets of Austin, Texas.  Empowering people to serve in this way can really avert a disaster.  Dehydration can lead to some pretty devastating health issues.  The heat index in Austin is consistently 105 degrees and higher and puts all of us at high risk to dehydration particularly the homeless.  Here is how you can become a part of this growing army:

  • We have an unlimited supply of water and ice at our commissary in West Lake Hills (www.mlfnow.org/directions).  If you come tonight (July 6) at 6:30 PM you can be trained on how to access those supplies at your convenience.  All you need is an ice chest and your own vehicle.  If this time does not work for you let us know and we will accommodate your schedule, or
  • You can simply go purchase your own water to hand out.  I have seen case prices at around $3.77 per case.  Even if the water is not iced down it makes a big difference.  Water is water regardless of the temperature and provides fluid to our internal cooling system.  So just load up your car and hand water out to anyone who you see along the way that is in need.

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