Becoming The Change We Want To See—Austin’s Whirlaway Farm

Dear lovers of life’s diversity and lovers of freedom,

It is time to organise and concentrate our energies to liberate our seeds and our food from the toxic, greedy and lethal clutches of global corporations like Monsanto; from the laws the corporations are writing, stealing our democracies in order to steal our seeds and food, our health and livelihoods, our cultures and our lives. We need to break from the sense of powerlessness the corporations would like us to experience to make us believe they are all powerful and we have no power to change. But we do. We just have to combine our collective energies. We must become the change we want to see. -Dr. Vandana Shiva

Austin’s Whirlaway Farm & Garden has a dream of rehabilitation, reclamation and restoration .  Let’s help them realize it!

A century ago in the United States, almost everyone knew how to grow, build, and make things. Produce was local, and there was an astonishing variety of it available. Gardeners and farmers alike saved seed and shared it with friends and neighbors. Food tasted different, because it was different. Things have changed. The art of growing, building, and making things by hand is being lost..

Whirlaway Farm

Whole Paycheck

Austin’s Whole Foods Market – wholesome, healthy for the wholesome, wealthy ?

“What passes for organic farming today has strayed far from what the shaggy utopians who got the movement going back in the ’60s and ’70s had in mind. But if these pioneers dreamed of revolutionizing the nation’s food supply, they surely didn’t intend for organic to become a luxury item, a high-end lifestyle choice.”  –