Antebellum Coarse Grits with Pulled Pork, Poached Egg, Aged Cheddar & Cholula

Pastured pork shoulder is braised in a red chile-tomato sauce with cumin, coriander and a little raw apple cider until tender enough to be pulled apart with a pair of forks.

Coarsely-ground yellow flint corn is slow-cooked in butter, bone broth, sea salt and freshly-ground black pepper.  A touch of cream and some aged cheddar cheese are folded in just before serving with a perfectly poached farm-fresh egg and a few dashes of hot sauce..

Antebellum Coarse Grits, Pulled Pork, Poached Egg, Aged Cheddar & Cholula

“Created in the tradition of the stone-ground, hand-milled grits of the Antebellum era, coarse grits have a large particle size that imparts a toothsome texture and pronounced corn flavor. Coarse grits do take time to cook—about an hour, at least—but are any cook’s first choice when served as a stand-alone dish or as a complement to entrées such as fish, greens, or eggs. They make beautiful grits cakes, too.” –Anson Mills

Pulled Pork Posole

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Simmered for 12 hours in a chili-tomato base, this traditional pork and corn stew has incredible depth of flavor..


Pulled Pork Posole

Soak nixtamal (traditional, lime-slaked dried maize) overnight in cool, filtered water.

Brown pork (I’m using ribs, but you can use butt or shoulder) in a little annatto oil in heavy skillet over medium heat.

Transfer pork to a Dutch oven and submerge in homemade chicken stock and a bottle of tomato puree.  Add chopped onion, celery with tops, dried chilies, cumin, bay leaf and whole peppercorns.

Seal the pot with foil, cover and place in a 200 degree oven overnight.

Remove the pot from the oven and allow to cool enough to handle.

Transfer the ribs to a cutting board.

Strain the pot into a clean pan and boil gently until reduced in volume by about a third.  Periodically skim away any foam.

Drain the corn and add to the pot.

Pull the pork from the bones, shred and add to the pot.

Reduce the heat to low, cover and simmer until the corn is tender, about 2 hours.

To serve, ladle stew into a bowl or dinner plate and garnish with sliced green onions and chopped cilantro.  Serve fresh tortillas on the side.

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