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Terror in the Heartland
September 6, 2008
Staunching the GoodFlow

Earlier this afternoon, I paid a visit to Monkeywrench, and one of the collective members told me that The Man has shut down Goodflow Juice Co. The gossip is that some federal agency gave the company a deadline for pasteurizing its juice, and it was unable to shift production to a new facility before the deadline. I have not been able to find any corroboration about this from mainstream media sources, which is a bit disappointing, since it’s a local business loved by many Austinites. The plus side for me, however, was that Monkeywrench was the beneficiary of a large lot of unsalable juice, and I was treated to a delicious ginger lemonade.

I hope the Chronicle or The Austin Real-Estatesman will get on this story and sort it all out.
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