‘Food, Inc.’: Attention Must Be Paid To Food Supply

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The new documentary Food Inc. takes aim at corporate giants behind the U.S. food supply. As director Robert Kenner and food advocate and author Michael Pollan tell Steve Inskeep, they made the film in order to raise Americans’ awareness about where their food really comes from.

Pollan says he wanted to address “the pastoral illusion we’re spinning in the way we market food… You would think it comes from farms and that ranches with big hats are producing the meat.”

Cows are ruminants; they are designed to eat grass, not GM, pesticide-laden corn from giant industrial silos..

See more at www.cagefreefamily.com

See more at www.cagefreefamily.com

In fact, say Pollan and Kenner, America’s food comes primarily from enormous assembly lines, where animals and workers are being abused.

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