Less Than 20% Of Consumers Trust Food They Buy Is Safe and Healthy

Spotlights Consumer Attitudes on Food Products in Light of Outbreaks and Recalls

Armonk, NY — – 24 Jun 2009: A new IBM (NYSE: IBM) study reveals that less than 20 percent of consumers trust food companies to develop and sell food products that are safe and healthy for themselves and their families. The study also shows that 60 percent of consumers are concerned about the safety of food they purchase, and 63 percent are knowledgeable about the content of the food they buy.

The survey of 1,000 consumers in the 10 largest cities nationwide shows that consumers are increasingly wary of the safety of food purchased at grocery stores, and their confidence in – and trust of – food retailers, manufacturers and grocers is declining.

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0 thoughts on “Less Than 20% Of Consumers Trust Food They Buy Is Safe and Healthy

  1. hmm… interesting and sort of good news in a way. it’s just odd because i see/hear a lot of people who DONT seem concerned at all about where their food comes from. folks so often just blindly trust that if it is sold at a grocery store it must be good/safe/tested ect., and if G-od forbid, food is sourced strait from a farmer, it must nopt be garunteed to be safe. oy.

  2. I see it as a further opportunity to get the word out about food safety/quality of life. This is shaping up to be the summer of the food movie, more & more recalls and fed up consumers. A perfect storm brewing?

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