Farmhouse Delivery Launches New Farm Membership Program

In an effort to create a sustainable revenue stream for local growers, Austin’s Farmhouse Delivery is launching a new seasonal farm membership.

Each bushel (available weekly or bi-weekly) will contain about 10 different types of all-local produce, including things like turnips, sweet potatoes, fennel, broccoli, greens, citrus and heirloom cauliflower, all delivered right to your door.

Running from November 2nd through December 21st, membership includes invitations to exclusive Rain Lily Farm events including demonstrations, dinners, cooking classes and more.

The deadline to sign up is October 30th, so better hurry!

Farmhouse Delivery Seasonal Bushel photo by Jody Horton,

Farmhouse Delivery Seasonal Bushel photo by Jody Horton,

Eat fresh, eat local – support your farmers!

4 thoughts on “Farmhouse Delivery Launches New Farm Membership Program

  1. After being directed to your blog, from The Nourishing Gourmet, I noticed you are in Austin. We are as well. We are struggling with finding good eggs, that aren’t $4/dz. (as well as other nourishing foods). Do you have any recommendations?

    • I would look into buying directly from a local farmer, either from one of our 3 farmer’s markets or directly from the farm itself i.e., Alexander Family Farms, Hippychick, Boggy Creek and Richardson Farms.

      Other than that, I’d try Wheatsville Co-op (I really like the eggs from Vital Farms)

      Also here

      Hope that helps!

  2. Hello! I love your blog, the recipes always look wonderful. I was wondering… do you know anything about BPA in reverse osmosis systems? What system do you use to filter your water? I have a countertop system where the water sits in a plastic container that suspiciously looks like ti might contain BPA. Sort of a BRITA container-type look to it. Just wondering if you have any recommendations. Thanks!

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