Tuesday Twister

Another Tuesday, another look back at what’s been twisting in the kitchen lately.  My gosh, where does the time go?

1) Black Bean Tamales Fresh corn masa spread on soaked husks and filled with cumin-fried black beans.  Served with fire-roasted tomato salsa and chile con queso..

2) Traditional Maryland Fried Chicken There’s a reason why this dish is still on the menu 130 years later!

3) Elderberry Syrup If the drug companies could patent nature, you can be sure they would be selling us barrels-full of elderberry syrup right now..

4) Kentucky Bourbon-Glazed Chicken Most popular post of the past week.  Must be the booze.

5) Lemon Poppyseed Cookies A personal favorite.  I brought these to work so as not to eat them all myself  🙂

6) Beef Heart Chili I’ve been wanting to do something with beef heart and tallow for a long time.  For me, the result was near-revelatory!

A week full of blessings.  I’m particularly grateful to some very generous friends, and very pleased to post in support of The Tuesday Twister.  Please join me as I head off to GNOWFGLINS to see what real life, real food inspiration awaits!

ps don’t forget to toss a recipe in the hat for a chance to win a great new cookbook from Thomas Keller!