Tuesday Twister

Each Tuesday, real-food blogger Wardeh at gnowfglins.com asks us to share a bit about what’s been twisting in our kitchens during the past week.  This is a great way for me to be able to how well I’ve been doing (or not) with my goal of eating a healthy diet consisting of primarily seasonal, local and sustainable food..

1) Blackberry Mascarpone Pancakes Marion blackberries, fresh mascarpone, soaked and sprouted flours, vanilla bean paste, pastured butter and eggs and a dollop of maple butter.  If you’re inclined to indulge a little now and then..

2) Rustic Roast Chicken with Sweet Peppers and Sausage Pastured chicken, sweet peppers, sausage, fresh herbs and garlicky croûtons. One of my personal favorites, this one’s in permanent rotation.

3) Lechón Asado Mojo-marinated, slow-roasted pork shoulder with sour orange juice, cumin, oregano and fresh peppers, served with black beans and saffron rice.  Cuban comfort food!

4) Tacos de Tinga Poblana Smoky pulled pork, pickled red onions, avocado and crumbled goat cheese on roasted jalapeño tortillas, made from leftover Lechón Asado.  I used all the leftovers!  Yay!

5) Cauliflower Gobi, Scallion and Black Lemon Pancakes Cauliflower florets in a tomato curry with onions, ginger and whole spices, served with savory garbanzo flour pancakes with scallions and black lemon (limes, actually, but they’re marketed as lemons for some reason).

6) Pickled Red Cabbage.  Love this stuff, especially with roasted meats!


Pickled Red Cabbage

Another week fairly well met, my fine fellow food folks!  Say, I wonder if anyone’s making desert over at the Tuesday Twister..