The Best of 2009

I’m pleased as punch (and really surprised!) to have been named as one of the Austin Chronicle’s Top Food Blogs in that paper’s New Years Day 2010 issue.  Thank you, Kate Thornberry, and thank you Austin for being such an incredible source of organic, sustainable and ethical food.  Our local farmers, farmers’ markets, food fighters, co-op and delivery services are among the very best anywhere!

A BIG thanks to Food Renegade, The Nourishing Gourmet, Kelly the Kitchen Kop, Cheeseslave & the rest of the Real Food Media folks, GNOWFGLINS and thanks especially to Jenny at the Nourished Kitchen – you guys amuse, enthuse, inform, challenge and inspire me every day.

It’s been an amazing year!  Here’s a look back at what you told me you liked the most..

10) Avocado Black Bean Quesadillas (1,822 views) Fresh whole wheat tortillas, homemade chili con queso, avocado, black beans and heirloom tomato..

9) Roasted Asparagus with Capicola and Balsamic Grilled Peppers (1,853 views) Fresh pan-roasted asparagus wrapped in balsamic grilled peppers and capicola, with basil leaves, pecorino Romano and black olives..

8) Filet de Bœuf Béarnaise (2.314 views) Pan-roasted grass-fed filet mignon, asparagus tips, shiitake mushrooms, heirloom tomato and sauce béarnaise..

7) Triple Chocolate Espresso Coconut Cookies (2,403 views) Thanks, Heidi!

6) Heirloom Tomato Basil Sauce (2,457 views) Is there anything better (or easier) than tomato sauce made from the freshest ingredients?  Not only delicious, fresh cooked tomatoes are are loaded with lycopene and vitamins A and C..

5) Black Pepper and Rosemary Sweet Potato Crisps (4,325 views) Move over, junk food..

4) Grilled Cheese Soup (5,433 views) Simmering vegetable stock, sourdough croûtons, fresh basil, scallions, Roma tomatoes and raw cheeses..

3) Kentucky Bourbon-Glazed Chicken (5,735 views) Local, pastured chicken brined overnight with garlic, peppercorns and lemon peel, then slow-roasted with homemade coarse mustard, wild honey, fresh tarragon and Kentucky bourbon..

2) Roasted Corn Chowder with Scallops and Bacon (11,061 views) Roasted sweet corn with poblano peppers, onions, seared scallops and smoked bacon..

1) Tamatem Ma’Amrine (11,362 views) Moroccan dish of roasted tomatoes stuffed with albacore, capers, olives and preserved lemon..