Real Food Face-Off, Week One

Our savvy & gracious friend Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship has organized a Real Food Face-Off, wherein two dozen+ bloggers answer a series of questions such as “name the top food scoring highest on both the nutritional and budget scale” and “what was the hardest transition to make to real food”.

Be sure to catch Katie’s interview on Blog Talk Radio then read what Jo-Lynne and I have to say about some of your real food questions!

Jo-Lynne making Katie's granola bars (click for video)

“We are men and women, parents and grandparents, human beings trying to do the best with our food.. and willing to share our thoughts with the world…”

3 thoughts on “Real Food Face-Off, Week One

  1. Hello Ren! I have had a lot of fun browsing through yours and Jo-Lynne’s web sites today, after reading through your answers at Katie’s site. All great information and entertaining. Thanks for keeping your blog, I so appreciate all the great information, time and effort all of the food, nutrition, and sustainable bloggers maintain. It takes so much effort and thoughtfulness on everyone’s part, and it is my sincere hope that many people benefit from all the beautiful information, recipes, and photos you put on your blog. Cheers and happy new year!

    -Raine 🙂

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