Happy 4th of July!

Freshly-ground, grass-fed bison is coated in a mixture of coarsely-ground sea salt, black pepper, garlic, celery &  mustard seed then grilled over a wood fire.  Served with habañero cheddar, browned onions and thick slices of just-picked tomato..

Habañero Bison Burgers

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  1. Yum….my tomatoes are just getting ripe, one at a time. They’re so good. I’ve started trying some companion planting as bugs ate all my squash. I’ve replanted along with some geraniums. Planted nasturtium along side the cucumbers. Hopefully they’ll fare a little better.

  2. What a great meal and so traditional must make this with Elk Venison…our tomatoes are the Big Beef and they slice like steak. Great recipe so uncomplicated and fresh tasting!

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