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I’m pleased to announce that Mitch’s name (mitch*** was pulled from the virtual hat this morning as the winner of the $50 gift certificate from Greenling Organic Delivery!

Mitch, please email me with your address information and I’ll send you the card right away.

Thank you all for participating, and please be sure to check back soon for another giveaway!

This contest is now closed.

read on for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate..

With three major, year-around farmers’ markets offering a dizzying array of fresh fruits and vegetables, pastured meats, eggs, dairy, artisan cheeses, baked goods (and much, much more), there’s just no tastier place than Austin for the conscientious eater.

But what if you just can’t get to the market?  Enter the organic delivery service.. from Austin, North to Georgetown and South to San Antonio, “if it’s available locally and is organically produced or sustainably raised”, chances are that Greenling Organic Delivery has you covered.

Started in 2005, Greenling offers goods from more than 100 farmers, producers and artisans to thousands of customers (including me!) every week.  A member of Texas Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association and the  Organic Trade Association, Greenling is a major contributor to the success of the sustainable food movement.

Here’s what Skip Connett of nearby Green Gate Farms has to say..

Neat, huh?

In appreciation, I’m giving away one $50 Gift Certificate, valid anywhere Greenling delivers.  To enter your name in the drawing, simply verify your zipcode at Greenling’s website, then come back here and leave a brief comment about what good food means to you.  Contest is open to Texas residents, 18 years old or over, with a mailing address in Greenling’s delivery area.  I’ll draw one winner at random from the eligible entries one week from now.

5 thoughts on “Greenling – The Farmers’ Market Delivered

  1. Good food means fresh, seasonal, and local. My Mom always did a great job of cooking seasonally when we were kids, but my husband doesn’t seem to have the same appreciation for the cycles of seasonal food. It’s something I want to share with my family!
    I’m in Greenling’s delivery zone.

  2. Good food means fresh food, lovingly prepared. My husband and I both grew up on heavily processed foods and junk food and it took a long time for us to learn how to prepare food from scratch. But all the time and effort is totally worth it when our 3 year old requests things like “more ‘rugula” and “more hummus” – things I never in a million years would have heard of, much less eaten, as a child.

  3. Good food means food that is as fresh, pure, and close to the source as you can get it. It’s food that lets you stay tied into your community, tied into your family, tied into heritage and history. I’ve had my appreciation for good food reinforced now that I’m pregnant with our first child, paying close attention to what we eat and what’s in it. We just renewed our Greenling membership last month, in fact, to address this… the local box that I have delivered every two weeks gives me fresh organic options when I’m trying to figure out what I can eat. In fact, I’m about to go get a sweet, juicy little local organic plum out of the fridge, thanks to Greenling!

  4. Good food means healthy, fresh, tasty food. The method for getting there boils down to a strong focus on procuring the best possible ingredients–for produce, this means that you want food that’s picked when it’s actually ripe, or close to it. The only reasonable way to get produce that’s ripe is to get it from the growers, which in the end means that the surest path to good food is through locally sourced ingredients.

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