Farmageddon the Documentary

“How much longer should we defer to a governmental agency that has consistently failed to perform its duties?  The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is charged with protecting the American food supply, yet not a week goes by without another food-related health scare seizing headlines across the nation:  listeria in pasteurized milk;  spinach contaminated with E. coli; and potentially unsafe meat from “downer” cattle (animals which are sick or injured and unable to stand).”

“These outbreaks are the results of decades of USDA policy decisions which favor corporations and industrial agriculture over small family farms and local production.  Intensive animal and crop operations can lead to sick animals and tainted vegetables entering the food chain, and regulations which would prevent these incidents are often overlooked when corporate interests are at stake.” –Linda Faillace

[Vimeo 16513455]

A film by by Kristin Canty

Featuring Joel Salatin, Jackie Stowers, Mark McAfee, Linda Faillace and Eric Wagoner

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    • It seems all too sudden and frequent not to have been coordinated or at least condoned at the Federal level, perhaps at the behest of Big Ag. I too hope that a lot of people start asking questions.

      Thanks for your comments!

  1. The USDA is sponsored by lobbyist for all the large commercial “producers” with deep pockets and if the truth were known most of the incidents of contamination are not reported to the public masses.

    This is the same government that shot West Texas cattle in the “Great Depression” when people were standing in bread lines!

    Investors would increase the numbers of sustainable farms and the barter system…raise chickens and trade them for milk. Farmers should not be taxed by any government!

  2. The same people think raw milk cures every disease on the planet.. of course they do.. they sell raw milk for $30 a gallon. Shameless.

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