Breakfast Tacos Redux

AFAR, named as America’s Best Travel Magazine by the Society of American Travel Writers, has just published an article entitled “Wander, a guide to four unexpected destinations” in its March/April 2011 edition.  Featured are Singapore, Cartagena, Columbia, Azores, Portugal and Austin, Texas.

Mentioned in Austin’s article are local staples SXSW, the Congress Avenue bat colony, music, theater, arts and of course, breakfast tacos.

I’m really honored that AFAR chose to use one of my photos (Tortilla Sunrise, above) to illustrate the breakfast taco, one of our most favorite comestibles.

Thanks, guys!  Come again anytime!

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  1. Kudos to the Chef …Master of the realm of cuisine!

    The photograph captivates the soul of the recipes etching it into the mind and I know that I am capable of creating the beauty of simplicity…

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