Charcuterie – A Documentary

Another gorgeously-produced, compelling story from award-winning Austin director Christian Remde  – Charcuterie – A Documentary..

“Charcuterie is defined as the cookery of meat but in the past 700 years, it’s become so much more.  From the Pâtés and Terrines of France to the Salumi of Italy and Spain, the world of Charcuterie is rich with tradition.  This short documentary highlights two of Charcuterie’s rising stars, Lawrence and Lee Ann Kocurek of Kocurek Family Charcuterie in Austin, Texas.”

With their deeply-traditional, yet contemporary interpretations,  I can tell you from personal experience that Kocurek Family Charcuterie are artisans in the finest sense of that term.  From Chorizo Verde to Currywurst to Cheek-to-Cheek Terrine (and well beyond),  Lawrence and Lee Ann’s passion for their craft is evident in every morsel of their hand-crafted goods.  Find @KFACharcuterie at Austin area Farmer’s Markets or online at  Pass the duck rillettes, please!   –Ren

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  1. I identify with the quote “It just feels right”, when Lawrence was describing his passion for taking on charchuterie as an old world culinary art form. Makes perfect sense!

    Probably one of my favorite sessions as a culinary instructor was in the Garde Manger classes, and during the week or two spent on charcuterie we made pates, terrines, sausages, ballontines, gallontines, and such.

    Hey Ren, I like the new look and feel for your blog!

    Bon appetit!

  2. In this case, the cool stuff found me. The Kocurek’s are well known here in town, as is the film’s director. Many great stories in our local foodshed – I’m so grateful to be able to participate!

    Great to hear from you, Kelly!

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