Ethical Consumption – How You Can Help Feed 200 Million Hungry Children

“Of the 24,000 children that die every day from preventable diseases, 60 percent of those deaths are the result of malnutrition and could be avoided if children received the Lauren Waltersprotein and nutrients necessary to help fight the diseases prevalent in the resource-poor countries where they live.

Among the most crucial tools used by Partners In Health to combat childhood malnutrition are ready-to-use foods, such as enriched peanut butter, that provide the essential nutrients needed to save a starving child’s life.

Getting these food packs into the hands of children who need them is the mission of Two Degrees, a health food company devoted to sending one life-saving pack to a child for every snack bar sold in the United States.”  –Partners in Health

Two Degrees says that shoppers looking for healthy, socially-conscious food for their children have a new choice in an all-natural (vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO, I’ve been assured) food bar featuring simple, sustainably-sourced  ingredients such as seeds, nuts and real fruits.  The big difference, however is that company founders Will Hauser and Lauren Walters are the first to adopt the one-for-one business model of social giving to help feed the world’s 200+ million hungry children, donating one medically-formulated nutrition pack to a malnourished child for every one food bar sold.

Working with nonprofit partners Valid Nutrition  and Partners in Health in Malawi, Two Degrees is also expanding into Kenya, where it hopes to quintuple their distribution of the medically-formulated nutrition packs through Shining Hope for Communities.

Two Degrees bars are available online and at various U.S. retailers including Whole Foods.

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