Cumin-Roasted Duck, Orange/Hibiscus Mojo

Fresh, locally-sourced duck is rubbed with cracked cumin, coriander and garlic, seasoned with sea salt and freshly-ground black pepper and roasted until golden brown.  Served with a sauce of pan juices, crushed oranges, fresh hibiscus leaves, red onions, jalapeño and cilantro..

3 thoughts on “Cumin-Roasted Duck, Orange/Hibiscus Mojo

    • Thanks! Farm-raised duck is roasted in a manner similar to chicken. Rinse inside & out and pat thoroughly dry. Use a needle or the point of a very thin knife to pierce the skin over the breasts a couple dozen times, taking care not to penetrate the muscle (this will help the fat to render and the skin to crisp). Season the cavity and exterior with sea salt and freshly-ground black pepper, tuck the wings and truss as you would a chicken. Roast the bird at 350 degrees until juices run clear, periodically pouring off (and saving!) the excess fat, about 20 minutes per pound.

      Wild ducks can have more special cooking requirements depending on species.

      Hope that helps!

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