Calling Local Farmers, Gardeners and Growers

High-Bionutrient Crop Production Workshop

Friday, Feb. 7 and Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014

Madison, Virginia

Hosted by SoilSHARE (Soil – Soil Health Assists Rural Economies)

Growing Nutrient-Dense Food Is the “Next Big Thing” in the Food Movement

We’re fortunate that Dan Kittredge, a second-generation organic farmer and nutrient-rich food grower, is coming to Madison to teach an intensive two-day workshop on biological farming (click the image on the left to download the flyer). You’ll learn how to test and analyze your soils so you can apply the right mix of nutrients to build your soil up to peak vitality. Dan will share how he saves time and money to grow the high-quality food that his customers have grown to appreciate and have made his business a success.

This is a rare opportunity to learn biological farming from a successful commercial grower. Go to to register, click the“Sign Up Online” button near the bottom of the page and select the “Madison, VA”class location. The fee is $150.00 for the two days with scholarships available for farmers (contact [email protected] to apply).

How to Test Your Soil & Bring Lab Report to Class

  • Download and print the form. Note: enclose a payment of $30 (not $25) per test with the completed form (make sure to check the box for “AEA Base Test Plus EC, Mo, Co, Se, Si”).
  • Collect your soil sample(s) following the instructions at (be sure to include your email address so Logan Labs can send you a digital copy of your report).

Please allow 4-5 business days to receive the test results and be sure to bring your lab report to class.

SoilSHARE is a Madison-area group dedicated to helping our local growers, gardeners and farmers improve soil and raise food quality. Successful farms will stimulate our economy, attract visitors, and celebrate our agricultural heritage.  For more information, please contact Steven Schwartz.