Jenny’s Food and Ag Update for August 4, 2014

Jenny's Food and Ag UpdateWe Can Reverse Climate Change by the Way We Grow Food (Huffington Post)

Air Pollution Isn’t Just Bad for Your Health – It’s Taking Food Off Your Plate (Takepart)

Indigenous Seed Savers Gather in the Andes, Agree to Fight Climate Change with Biodiversity (Yes!)

India Stands Firm on Protecting Food Security of South at WTO (Common Dreams)

Mark Bittman on what’s wrong with food in America (Vox)

40 maps that explain food in America (Vox)

This Is The Summer Of Sunburned Fruit (Modern Farmer)

This huge corporation is tackling climate change – because it’s a threat to the bottom line (Grist)

McDonald’s Is Skipping the Meat – and Turning to Tofu (Takepart)

Cargill promises to get right with palm oil (Grist)

A Sobering Look at “The New Face of Hunger” (Travis Simley, Huffington Post)

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