Jenny’s Food and Ag Update for September 9, 2014

Jenny's Food and Ag Update

To Save Family Farms from Corporate Buyout, Retiring Farmers Connect with a New Generation (Yes!)

This Is What a Farmer Looks Like (Mother Jones)


School Administrators: Kids Like Healthy Lunches Just Fine (Time)

If Only American Kids Could Eat School Lunches Like They Do in France (Truthout)

Climate Change and Food Riots: Learn to Farm (Buzzfalsh)

In America, Only The Poor’s Eating Habits Aren’t Improving (Huffington Post)

The Food Gap Is Widening (The Atlantic)

Study: Trends in Dietary Quality Among Adults in the United States, 1999 Through 2010 (JAMA Internal Medicine)

Food stamp use is falling, and even the Wall Street Journal has noticed (Daily Kos)

Chips before pawpaw: Cook Islanders lose taste for healthy, local food (The Guardian)

The Secret Pot-Growing Operations in America’s Cornfields (The Atlantic)

Invasion of the corn snatchers (Grist)

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