Jenny’s Food and Ag Update for September 15, 2014

Jenny's Food and Ag Update

Migrant Farmworkers Find Paths Out of Poverty Through Incubator Farms (Yes!)

Imports, small harvest hit famed New Mexico chili peppers (Yahoo!)

We Must Degrow the ‘Corporate Food Regime’: Food Sovereignty Advocate (Common Dreams)

The Awful Reign of the Red Delicious (The Atlantic)

Reports Says ‘Green’ Businesses Donate Millions to Congressional Climate Deniers (EcoWatch)

Report: #Disrupt Denial: How Big Business is Funding Climate Change Denial in the 113th Congress and Why They Should Stop (Forecast The Facts)

10 Ways to Grow a Better Food System (Food Tank)

Endless War in the Fertile Crescent: How Modern Crises Threaten Ancient Food Supply (Common Dreams)

Just because you can go foraging doesn’t mean you should (The Guardian)

Why Food Pilgrims Will Wait Four Hours For A Taste Of The Sublime (NPR)

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