Jenny’s Food and Ag Update for September 20, 2014

Jenny's Food and Ag Update

A sprinkle of compost helps rangeland lock up carbon (SF Chronicle)

Record gourd tips scales at Half Moon Bay pumpkin fest (SFGate)

LA City Council introduces plan to encourage urban farming (LA Times)

Save the climate, pay a farmer (Grist)

Farm-to-Table Gives Us Food That Tastes Good- but Chef Dan Barber Wants More (Takepart)

New SF restaurant’s mission: Save the environment (SF Chronicle)

Zero Food Footprint

Americans on Food Aid Document Their Hunger in Photos (Yes!)

Whole Foods Is Now Ranking Produce By Eco-Friendliness (Huffington Post)

Wait Till You See Whole Food’s Newest Food Label (Takpart)

Should big business get out of the food business? (Grist)

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