Jenny’s Food and Ag Update for November 3, 2014

Jenny's Food and Ag Update

See How Restaurants Can Fight Climate Change by Cutting Their ‘Foodprint’ (Takepart)

Non-Profits Sue To Block New Mexico Governor >From Kicking 80,000 People Off Food Stamps (Think Progress)

Americans Are Huge: 5 Surprising Reasons Why We May Be Getting Fatter (AlterNet)

Poverty, not gluttony, is the cause of obesity (The Guardian)

The Truth About Zero-Calorie Drinks and Food (Yahoo!)

How Wonky Homelessness Consultants Helped Ban Food-Sharing in 22 Cities (AlterNet)

Paying for Cheap Chocolate (Other Words)

Big Beer Deceivers and Bullies Time for a Trust-Busting Beer Bust (Nation of Change)

This South Korean Priest Runs A Restaurant That Only Serves The Poor (Huffington Post)

This company invented a better soda can. Why isn’t anybody buying (Grist)

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