Jenny’s Food and Ag Update for November 9, 2014

Jenny's Food and Ag Update

How a national food policy could save millions of American lives (Washington Post)

A just food systems for all Californians (Aljazeera America)

Pedalling the way to cleaner food (Sustainable Food Trust)

The Right to Food: An Interview With Hilal Elver (Truthout)

Your Guide to Finding a Sustainably Raised Turkey (GRACE)

Grow Your Own “Unretirement” – Minnesota Hmong on the Farm (New America Media)

Red Lobster goes back into its shell (Yahoo!)

20,000 baby chickens die in Pennsylvania barn fire (SF Chronicle)

Why Did Fort Lauderdale Police Arrest an Old Man for Feeding Homeless People? (Truthout)

Drop That Plate Right Now: Cops Arrest 90-Year-Old Advocate and Clergy For Scary Crime of Feeding the Hungry (CommonDreams)

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