Better Health From Bottle To Belly

People who do not wish to consume dairy products may find that water kefir provides probiotics without the need for dairy (or tea-cultured products such as kombucha). Jared’s ProPops puts a modern twist on this ancient, detoxifying and energizing beverage by adding an organic fruit and herb blend after completing the lacto-fermentation process..


Better Health From Bottle To Belly by Jared Toay

Better Health From Bottle To Belly by Jared Toay

Jared explains: “You name it, and I’ve tried to make it. Pickles, kimchi, sauerkraut, lacto-fermented hot sauce, ketchup, yogurts, cheeses, and basically any kind of vegetables. I did it all. And I was one of those weird parents who put very different and non-processed foods in my son’s lunchbox. In addition, I began a daily ritual of taking probiotics and starting him on them as well. But have you actually even seen what’s in some of these probiotic pills for kids? Sugars, flavors, and other ingredients that are added simply to make them taste better. So I began to experiment with ways my son could take his daily dose of probiotics in a fun way……. Hence Jared’s ProPops was born. It’s a refreshingly and lightly carbonated fully loaded living food or probiotic soda. Amazing.”

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“Born of necessity and waste-not-want not attitude, probiotic foods have nourished the human race for thousands of years and appear in one form or another in traditional cuisines cross-globally.  Fermented foods are rich in probiotics – those beneficial bacteria that keep our immune systems and digestive tracts running smoothly and healthfully.”

Get Cultured: Probiotic Foods from a Nourished Kitchen, the first of many e-books detailing tried-and-true nourishing recipes, Get Cultured details thirteen recipes from classics like pickled jalapeños and real sauerkraut to the exotic like Vietnamese preserved limes, green salsa and cortido.

Each recipe in Get Cultured focuses on nourishing pro-biotic, naturally fermented vegetables and all the recipes are dairy-free.

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Cherry, Oh Baby

From organic cherries..


to cherry Kombucha!


Kombucha is a probiotic culture of beneficial microorganisms, made by culturing organic black tea, sugar and (optionally) fruit juice. In use for more than 2,000 years, most kombucha drinkers report experiencing a general sense of well-being following consumption.

This particular batch has been made using the easy methods described at The Nourished Kitchen, and enhanced with the juice of fresh cherries.

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