Antidote Salad

Today’s post isn’t so much about any particular dish (although this salad was really good) as it is a reminder to myself of why I choose to eat clean, healthy nourishing food.

Earlier today I ate a cheeseburger & fries with the guys at a local joint. While the food tasted OK at the time, I knew I was in trouble less than an hour later when the industrial CAFO burger & potatoes fried in God-knows-what kind of unnatural hydrogenated oil together felt like a greasy, soggy bowling ball in my gut. ย  Back at work, I resisted the urge to crawl under my desk & sleep it off.

It is readily apparent why America is so sick.

At home this evening, I knew I needed to make up for the nutritionally empty & otherwise damaging lunch, so I gathered up what I could from the garden, pantry and fridge and made this Antidote Dinner Salad..

Antidote Salad

Antidote Salad

Kamut pasta, raw virgin olive oil, raw and pickled peppers, olives, scallions, Lupini beans, avocado, anchovies, fresh basil and oregano, tomatoes, watercress, pea shoots, prosciutto, white balsamic and lots of coarse sea salt and freshly-ground pepper.

I swear I felt completely restored almost immediately!

Be a Food Renegade – Fight back against the Standard American Diet (SAD) !

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12 thoughts on “Antidote Salad

  1. My husband and I were JUST talking about this, approximately 15 minutes ago. He recently started a new job, and said people bring food in all the time. For example, Dunkin Donuts… YIKES! He told me I’d be proud of him because he doesn’t eat it. I told him moderation is fine, and if he wants to have some occasionally, it’s not the end of the world (80/20 ya know?). This is what he said to me, “No honey, I don’t want that food.” ๐Ÿ™‚

    Then he told me that recently a co-worker offered him some pretzels stuffed with peanut butter. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? He ate about 4 of them, and then felt so horrible about a half hour later. He had an upset stomach, nausea, etc. It truly is amazing how your body can detect the fake foods once it’s become accustomed to the real thing.

    Perfect quote: “It is readily apparent why America is so sick.”

    That salad looks amazingly anidotal!

    • While I didn’t expect to feel good after eating a previously-frozen, industrial all-beef patty, I wasn’t quite prepared for just how bad it would make me feel, nor how quickly that happened.

      Even more remarkable is how rapidly the body recovers when given what it needs to do so.

      Thanks, Jen!

  2. While we never eat what we call “Mystery Meat” anymore, I am amazed at how I can continue to “forget” why we eat the way we do and have a little bite in town that includes sugar or wheat.

    It always seems like such a small infraction and possibly harmless, and yet it never is. Each of us experiences something different; mine physical and theirs mental/emotional, but pretty miserable non the less.

    In fact, though our diet is a dream compared to the SAD, we have let some of our values slip a little too much and are preparing to for a full return to the GAPS diet to get ourselves all fixed up. We’ll start putting up a bunch of bone stock now and have it ready for when the new baby arrives, as this seems like a great opportunity to slow down, simplify and return to our ways.

  3. a friend is visiting from out of town and refused to allow me to make dinner – she needed to clean out her fridge, she said, and would bring food. yikes! scary stuff, i didn’t eat it, and very gently hurt her feelings although that was not my intent…but it provided a grand educational opportunity. she just finished reading “the high cost of cheap food” article featured in time mag a few weeks ago, and is now quoting passages about industrial farming. no more baby steps; get a glove, get in the game, or be sick. your choice. i’m making bone broth tomorrow!

    • A healthy, nourished body is not a hospitable place for disease. If you don’t feel refreshed and energized after a meal, there’s something seriously wrong with what you’re eating.

      Bone broth is one of the very best things you can make!

    • Exactly so!

      We eat to sustain life. When we have adequately nourished ourselves, the brain relays a message to tell us to stop eating.

      When we are consuming empty calories from those food-like substances like CAFO burgers, we never get that message because we aren’t being nourished. Instead, we eat until we “feel full”.

      When the full feeling eventually wears off, we go in search of more food to satisfy our nutritional needs. And so it continues.

      In the Standard American Diet (SAD for short) diabetes, cancer, heart disease and obesity are often the end result of a life spent searching for nutrition in all the wrong places.

      Nutritionally-dense foods such as beans, salmon, yoghurt, turkey, eggs, sardines, tomatoes and blueberries satisfy us with smaller portions, fewer calories.

      The notion that fresh, wholesome foods are more expensive is bunk. Despite what it says on the front of the box, Froot Loops (at 41% sugar by weight) are NEVER a Smart Choice.

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