Adobo de Achiote (Achiote Paste)

Originally a Mayan mixture, achiote paste is responsible for the distinctive red hue of Puerco Pibil  and other foods common to the cuisine of the Yucatán Peninsula.

Achiote seeds, whole allspice, black pepper, Mexican oregano, cider vinegar, garlic and Celtic sea salt.

Finely grind the achiote and place into a bowl.  Grind the allspice, pepper and oregano and add to the achiote.  Add a little cider vinegar to form a damp powder.

Mince garlic then mash with salt.  Work the mashed garlic back into the achiote and moisten with orange juice to form a thick paste.

Refrigerate and store up to about 4 months.

A bow-hunting co-worker brought me some South Texas venison yesterday, so I’m thinking of making something along the lines of a Venado en Pipián Rojo (venison with pumpkin seeds and achiote).