Grilled Watermelon

On a plate, mix together guajillo honey, adobo seasoning, fresh lime juice and a pinch of sea salt.  Coat thick slices of watermelon on both sides, then grill over hot coals for a minute or two.  Happy almost 4th of July, everyone!


“Guajillo honey looms large in the history, culture and economy of southwestern Texas, particularly in the development of Uvalde County, located about 165 miles southwest of the state capital, Austin. During the 1870’s when settlers were establishing farms and ranches in Uvalde County, they discovered caves and hollow trees full of bees and honey – a “bee paradise.” The land was nicknamed “brush country” because of the cat claw, kinnikinnick, white brush and Guajillo bushes. Guajillo was the main honey plant and the bees that fed on the Guajillo blooms produced a mild, light colored delicious honey”   -Slow Food USA

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