Simple Things

The more distance we put between ourselves and the profoundly broken industrial commercial food system the better.  The better for our health, for the local economy, the environment and our own pocketbooks.

Do what you can to become more self-reliant.  Turn off the TV, plant some herbs and vegetables, take a class about food preservation.  Learn to cook.  With practice, these things become second nature.

Consider today’s lunch..  homemade sauerkraut frittered in pastured butter, onions and peppers from the garden, locally made sausage, homemade fermented mustard..


Real. Simple. Lunch.

What have you been eating for lunch all these years?  Is it time for a change?

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5 thoughts on “Simple Things

  1. Yum Ren! Do you have a recipe for your mustard? I let mine go to seed thinking I would make mustard with them but then I didn’t know when to pick or how to dry so the chickens are eating the seeds now. At least I’ll be eating their eggs so I don’t mind but I’d love to plant some more. Please share!

  2. What do you mean by …sauerkraut frittered in pastured butter? I have some homemade sauerkraut and was just curious 🙂 The dish looks might delicious. Thanks for sharing the condiment recipes here too. That’s my next project!

    • Hmm, I was a bit vague there. Sorry..

      Sauerkraut Fritters
      Based on a Ratio by Michael Ruhlman

      2 oz (by weight) sprouted flour
      1/2 teaspoon aluminum-free baking powder
      2 oz chicken stock (or water)
      1 small pastured egg
      1 cup (more or less) homemade sauerkraut, squeezed dry
      1/2 teaspoon caraway seed
      1/4 teaspoon black pepper
      sea salt to taste

      Combine the dry ingredients, whisk the egg into the stock, whisk the flour mixture into the egg mixture. Tease apart the strands of sauerkraut with your fingers, then pour in just enough batter to coat. Fry flattened tablespoons of mixture in pastured butter until golden brown on both sides.

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