Tuesday Twister

Each Tuesday, Wardeh at gnowfglins.com encourages us to share what we’ve been up to in our kitchens over the past week.  The hits, the misses, all is fair game in the Tuesday Twister..

1) Thanks to CHEESESLAVE and Homesick Texan, I’ve become a fearless tortilla maker.

2) Extracting your own coconut meat and water isn’t terribly easy, but its sure worth it.

3) Sprouted spelt brownies need no further explanation  🙂

4) “Humble Pie” of beef liver and root vegetables, in support of Jenny’s Clean Your Plate Challenge.  I had 3 fine meals from this.

5) Corn Fritters.  Pretty good, but mediocre photography doomed it as a blog post.

6) Japanese-style pepper steak with udon noodles.  Yawn.

7) Last-minute curry of leftover chicken.  Really delicious.

8) Making chicken bone broth, one of the most healthy things you can possibly have around.

9) Smoothie made with raspberries, blueberries, plain kefir and lavender honey.  One could practically live on such wonders.