Readers’ Favourite Recipes of the Past Year

I get asked about lots of stuff here (mostly about where I do my shopping (nearly all local, including CSA, farmers’ markets & neighbourhood grocers)).  Another frequent question is about which recipes have been the most popular over time; here then is the list of the top five most popular posts of the past year..

  1. Roasted Corn Chowder with Scallops and Bacon (all-time most popular) Roasted sweet corn with poblano peppers, onions, seared scallops and smoked bacon..
  2. Tamatem Ma’Amrine (all-time 2nd most popular) A Moroccan dish of roasted tomatoes stuffed with albacore, capers, olives and preserved lemon..
  3. Queso Flameado (all-time 7th most popular) White cheeses with chilies, onions, garlic and homemade chorizo..
  4. Lechon Asado (all-time 6th most popular) Mojo-marinated, slow-roasted pork shoulder with sour orange juice, cumin, oregano and fresh peppers..
  5. Kentucky Bourbon-Glazed Chicken (all-time 3rd most popular) Garlic, peppercorns & lemon peel, mustard, wild honey, fresh tarragon and Kentucky bourbon..

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