Vegan Rajmah with Green Tea-Germinated Brown Rice

Dark red kidney beans in a curry of fresh ginger, onions, garlic, tomatoes and chilies with toasted cumin and coriander, turmeric and cilantro, served over a bed of green tea-germinated brown rice..

Germinated brown rice is approximately 10-20 times higher in protein and amino acids (including GABA) than white rice.  Soaking the rice in freshly-brewed green tea adds a pleasing flavor and increases the medicinal value.  It also helps to prevent the rice from spoiling during its 18-24 hour germination period.

For more information about germinated brown rice, please see this excellent article at Kitchen Stewardship

6 thoughts on “Vegan Rajmah with Green Tea-Germinated Brown Rice

  1. Ren, you are a man after my heart. But I bet you have all kinds of women chasing you………
    kudos for creativity and thanks so much for sharing

  2. if anyone has the information i am struggling to get my brown rice to sprout/germinate….i have tried
    soaking i have tried rinsing and draining i have tried soaking in green tea with the temp at 100 degrees
    so many say simply soak for 18 to 24 hours and thats it? im not getting it at all …i so want to make this so badly If anyone knows more info id so happily love to try your thoughts out to see if it wil work

    • Look for organic brown rice, as fresh as possible (stores often store bags of rice far tool long). If all else fails, you can buy Lundberg Organic Sprouted Short Grain Brown Rice on Amazon.

      Good luck!

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