Butter Burger

1/3 pound local, grass-feed beef pan-fried in pastured butter, homemade smoked chili powder, green onions, aged cheddar, fresh tomato, sea salt, cracked pepper and a toasted sprouted wheat bun..

Butter Burger

Butter Burger

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19 thoughts on “Butter Burger

  1. We try never to have burgers w/o butter as well! I love to make sandwiches of any kind. I can be such a work of art to perfectly balance all the flavors…. some savory, some tangy… some with bite, some rich…fresh and crispy, warm and gooey…

    Yep…lovin’ the sandwich.

    BTW, how in the heck did you fit that thing in your mouth? You must have one of those unhinging jaws like Jeff πŸ˜‰

  2. you had me at butter. growing up in wisconsin, there were no burgers w/out butter.
    my wife thinks I’m nuts adding a pat or two of butter to the top of my burgers.

  3. I want one of those!!! πŸ™‚

    Did you purchase or make the sprouted wheat bun? I would love either the recipe or the brand name.

  4. Who is the baker in Austin? I usually buy Alvarado Bakery brand, but would prefer a fresh, local product.
    Enjoy your blog.


      • Ren, I inquired once at Alvarado – for product to be shipped you have to buy, if I remember correctly, 5 products – not sure of the cost though. HTH. I can get Alvarado sliced breads at my local ShopRite. I would love more variety than just sliced, however. Let me know if you decide to try them and if it works out for you. I wish I had a local baker like you do πŸ™‚

        Enjoy your weekend, kid! Lovin’ your stuff as usual…

      • Ren,

        Whole Foods, Wheatsville and Central Market sell them; you’ll find them in either the refrigerated or frozen section.

        Alvarado Bakery also makes hot dog buns which I often use for home made garlic bread.


  5. You had me at butter!! LOL.

    Next time I make burgers, I will use your butter method. So far, it’s been on the grill or the Foreman indoor grill, and I need more good fats in my diet. And is that big hunk of yellow an entire chunk of cheese? I’m trying to figure out how you got it to melt like that. Your photo looks so tantalizing delish. Thanks for the inspiration.. I may have figured out what to do for dinner tonight (minus the bun and wrapped in lettuce). ~Erica

    • Thanks, Erica!

      That big hunk of yellow is a 1/4 inch slice of cheddar – I guess the camera makes it look bigger than it was. Anyway, I put the cheese on when the burger is about 3/4 done and just cover the pan for the last minute or so. Your lettuce idea sounds pretty good!

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